Systems Integration Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 concept is about automating systems, getting production applications to work together and reducing human intervention in the data flow.


The tool presetter has become more than just a measuring device, as it now has the capability to become the hub for data flow around the machine shop. Being able to receive production scheduling data and tool build instructions from your tool management software, it can now be linked seamlessly to automatic tool measuring programs on the presetter. This makes for an error free, simple & secure process. Once the tool is set and measured the machine control needs to use the actual values. This information can be sent from the presetter to the machine tool control in a number of ways - via Network or DNC to your machine tools directly or via a third party application, RFID chip or QR coded labels.

The process is fast, error free and process secure. Kelch have the expertise to integrate these systems to improve productivity and reduce waste. Contact our Technical team today to find out how Kelch can help take the headache out of improving your business.

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