Tool Management Interfaces

Managing the flow and transfer of data to third party applications or direct to the machine control is available from our CoVis, KOne Business, KOne and EASY Webset controls. This is a key ellement in Industry 4.0 smart factory automation

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Kelch controls can transfer your tool based data to the right place safely

  • File transfer can be sent and received in the Kelch format or post processed to suit other third party applications.
  • Transferred data to your manufacturing systems is secure
  • Automatic transfer mean that simple errors common in manual transfer are eliminated 
Joining up Technologies

The concept of Industry 4.0 involves getting different technologies to work together to improve automation in the machine shop. The tool presetter provides the hub for the data flow. Receiving production scheduling from the MRP system allows the tool setter to build the tools required. Linking the presetter to the tool management system and the machine controls allows this process to be fully automated. This eliminates the potential for error and speeds up the tool change process.


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