Kenova V9 Measure Line

 Kenova Measure line V9 cuts the time between a first off and the start of a production run. Camera measuring in process ensures product quality and conformance. The work load for the CMM department can also be reduced significantly saving time.

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Kenova Measure line V9 is an adaptation of the tool presetting application using camera or laser technology. This version allows the measurement of components in the production environment quickly and precisley.

  • KENOVA measure line V9 means that you can now inspect rotationally symmetric workpieces
  • Performed directly after machining and/or between individual production steps on an automated basis.
  • Possible to integrate the units into production lines
  • Workpieces do not need to leave the production line.
  • Guarantees the highest levels of efficiency and optimum process monitoring.
  • Choose from various measuring tasks
  • Can be customized to your own particular requirements.
  • The measuring tasks range from the diameter through the length, roundness, angle to concentricity and even more 
  • Special solutions are available for measuring threads, gears, roughness measurement or bearing locking 
  • Possible to measure rotationally symmetric components, like gears and splined shafts, sliding sleeves, cardan shafts, external rings, transmission components
  • Customized adaptations and solutions
  • Can be integrated into the production line
  • Maximum process safety
  • Based on the proven, precision mechanical system from Kelch 
  • Customized software solution with modular structure
  • Already proven in the automotive sector for checking gears and transmission shaft production


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